Welcome to Yongin Global Christian School!

Yongin Global Christian School (YGCS) welcomes every one of you into the bosom of Jesus Christ.

The era of galloping changes has caused its members to wander about in a confusion in values and disorientation. Especially, for young children whose identities are being established, where and how to be educated really matter
in that education decides on the courses of children’s lives.

YGCS’s purpose of education based on Christian spiritual education is to nurture young people who are determined to follow the path of Jesus Christ in this era of extreme chaos. YGCS aims at producing young people who dare to confess that
God’s words are the sole right answers.

We extend a cordial welcome to those young people who aspire to pursue the education aiming at pure nature and top-edge intelligence.

Assuring all of you that YGCS will be a school that totally hinges on God’s Scripture Isaiah 43:10, saying that we will always be His witnesses, I wish for your prayers and love.

Pastor Jeongho Yoon